Harun Pirim

Mississippi State University

Harun Pirim received BSc in Industrial Engineering, MA in Econometrics (Operations Research track) from Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey, and Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Mississippi State University where he is currently employed as a clinical assistant professor. He has published several papers in reputed journals, including Computers in Biology and Medicine, Computer and Operations Research in addition to conference proceedings and book chapters. He has served as a reviewer for many journals and the editor of the book "Recent Applications in Data Clustering" by Intechopen. His research interests include mathematical programming and network clustering applications in biological and social sciences. His recent work focuses on Twitter network analysis to distinguish people with certain traits, network clustering to predict functions of hypothetical proteins, and functional brain network analysis to predict the existence of a disease.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Harun Pirim

Clustering has emerged as one of the more fertile fields within data analytics, widely adopted by companies, research institutions, and educational entities as a tool to describe similar/different groups. The book Recent Applications in Data Clustering aims to provide an outlook of recent contributions to the vast clustering literature that offers useful insights within the context of modern applications for professionals, academics, and students. The book spans the domains of clustering in image analysis, lexical analysis of texts, replacement of missing values in data, temporal clustering in smart cities, comparison of artificial neural network variations, graph theoretical approaches, spectral clustering, multiview clustering, and model-based clustering in an R package. Applications of image, text, face recognition, speech (synthetic and simulated), and smart city datasets are presented.

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