Harun Pirim

North Dakota State University United States of America

Harun Pirim received a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Mississippi State University. His research interests include mathematical programming and network clustering applications in biological and social sciences. In relation to graph theory and discrete optimization, his recent work focuses on social media network analysis to distinguish people with certain traits, network clustering to predict functions of hypothetical proteins, and functional brain network analysis to predict the existence of the disease. He has published several papers in reputed journals and conference proceedings and written book chapters. He edited the book Recent Applications in Data Clustering and has served as a reviewer for many journals. He is also fond of science, philosophy, and metaphysics.

Harun Pirim

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Graph theory, being a rigorously investigated field of combinatorial mathematics, is adopted by a wide variety of disciplines addressing a plethora of real-world applications. Advances in graph algorithms and software implementations have made graph theory accessible to a larger community of interest. Ever-increasing interest in machine learning and model deployments for network data demands a coherent selection of topics rewarding a fresh, up-to-date summary of the theory and fruitful applications to probe further. This volume is a small yet unique contribution to graph theory applications and modeling with graphs. The subjects discussed include information hiding using graphs, dynamic graph-based systems to model and control cyber-physical systems, graph reconstruction, average distance neighborhood graphs, and pure and mixed-integer linear programming formulations to cluster networks.

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