Yoshiaki Mizuguchi

Dr. Yoshiaki Mizuguchi is currently Assistant professor of Surgery at the Nippon Medical School Hospital in Japan.  He is living in Shibuya, a central town of Tokyo and he loves swimming and Sumo wrestling.  Besides working as a general/hepatobiliary surgeon for over a decade - he possess a remarkable research profile too. Dr. Mizuguchi’s recent research interests are profiling of microRNA in hepatobiliary cancer and find novel microRNAs which are associated with cancer biology. He made a land mark achievement in this field when he recently reported for the first time the massive sequencing analysis of microRNAs in Hepatitis B virus associated Hepatocellular carcinoma. One of his major achievements other than microRNA is the report and Japanese patent in which he demonstrated that Silencing with RNA interference for Transforming beta receptor 2 can control acute liver injury.

Yoshiaki Mizuguchi

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Liver biopsy, first performed by Paul Ehrlich in 1883, remains an important diagnostic procedure for the management of hepatobiliary disorders and the candidate/donated organ for transplantation. The book "Liver biopsy in Modern Medicine" comprises 21 chapters covering the various aspects of the biopsy procedure in detail and provides an up-to-date insightful coverage to the recent advances in the management of the various disorders with liver biospy. This book will keep up with cutting edge understanding of liver biopsy to many clinicians, physicians, scientists, pharmaceutics, engineers and other experts in a wide variety of different disciplines.

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