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National University of Science and Technology

Prof Dr. Allan Sebata is an associate professor in the Department of Forest Resources and Wildlife Management, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe. He received his PhD degree in rangeland ecology from the same university. Allan earned his BSc Honours in agriculture (animal science) and MSc in animal science from the University of Zimbabwe. He teaches undergraduate level courses in mammalogy, wildlife nutrition, rangeland ecology and management, animal anatomy & physiology, and vertebrate population dynamics, and postgraduate courses in animal taxonomy and behavioral ecology of mammals, in addition to supervising research projects. In recent years, his research has focused on herbivory, restoration ecology and management of rangelands for both livestock and wild ungulates. Allan has published papers in internationally recognized journals, while also being actively involved in peer review of manuscripts.

Allan Sebata

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This book looks at vegetation changes across the world. The use of normalized difference vegetation index, CORINE Land Cover, geographical information systems and remote sensing to monitor vegetation changes is highlighted. Conversion of dense forests into agricultural land, grazing areas or settlements and land cover changes in a Miombo woodland are reported. The role of neotropical forests as carbon pool stores and a reservoir of global biodiversity is explored. Influence of climate on island forest vegetation types, structure and diversity is reported in detail. Restoration of a degraded wildlife corridor through re-establishing native vegetation in India is also documented. Finally, the role of apomixes, a form of asexual reproduction via seed, in propagation of neotropical plants is discussed.

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