Nur Md. Sayeed Hassan

Central Queensland University Australia

Nur M. S. Hassan obtained his PhD in Engineering from Central Queensland University, Australia in 2011. He holds BSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and is a recognized expert in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) at Central Queensland University. Dr. Hassan has wide experience in the experimental study and numerical simulation of engineering problems, particularly relating to fluid flow systems, heat transfer and renewable energy and has published over 55 scientific articles in journals and conferences including two edited book and 7 book chapters. He is a reviewer of scientific articles of several journals and is a member of the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society, the Australian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society, the Mining Electrical and Mining Mechanical Society, the Australian Society of Rheology and the Australasian Association of Engineering Education.

Nur Md. Sayeed Hassan

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This book, Naval Engineering, comprises information on different interdependent technical aspects important in the development of a ship project in its entirety.Part One of this book introduces cutting edge research on the key issues of the latest advances in developing a successful engineering curriculum, in designing an innovative learning and teaching method, and in promoting consistent standards in engineering education. Part Two provides a wider perspective in the area of naval engineering and presents its relevant challenges and new opportunities. The chapters included in this book cover the related concepts of technical, sustainable, and social innovation that have a substantial influence on the society and the stakeholders. This book intends to provide a wider perspective for the naval engineering field. It presents relevant challenges, as well as new opportunities.

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