Victor Martinez-Luaces

University of GranadaSpain

Prof. Victor MARTINEZ-LUACES Prof. Victor Martinez-Luaces has three degrees from the State University of Uruguay (UdelaR), his first in Chemistry (Faculty of Chemistry), the second in Chemical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) and the third in Mathematics (Faculty of Sciences). Later, he obtained a Master Degree in Didactics of Mathematics at the University of Granada (UGR, Spain). For 25 years he has worked in four separate faculties within UdelaR (Chemistry, Economics, Engineering and Sciences), and held the position of the head of the Mathematics Department in the Chemistry Faculty between 1996 and 2002. During 2006 and 2007, he moved to Rio Gallegos, Argentina, where he worked at the CIEP (Education & Research Institute) coming back to Uruguay in 2008. Since 2009 he is working as mathematical and engineering consultant at the Julio Ricaldoni Fundation, involved in research and industrial projects of the Faculty of Engineering, at UdelaR. He published his first book chapter in 1982 in Uruguay and first research paper in 1988, in the Journal of Chemical Education, in U.S.A. Since then, his papers have been published worldwide in the fields of Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering and Education in journals, proceedings and books. He has seven book chapters published in U.S.A., five books in Europe and others in Singapore and Uruguay. He been awarded several prizes: • Journal of Chemical Education – (Ethyl Corporation, 1988). • Best teacher award (Faculty of Engineering, 1992). • Best teacher award (Faculty of Engineering, 1996). • 2nd prize RELME 13 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1999) • 2nd prize RELME 14 (Panama, 2000) • 2nd prize RELME 15 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001) • 1st prize RELME 16 (La Habana, Cuba, 2002) • 1st prize RELME 19 (Montevideo, Uruguay, 2005) • Distinguished visitor of the first city in the Americas (Santo Domingo, 1999) He has worked as a consultant for the following companies: Gautier, Roemmers, Haymann, Bader, Zenda, Skaphia and Uruguayan state institutions: OSE (Water Supply Systems), UTE (Electricity Transmission and Distribution) and IMM (Municipality of Montevideo). He organised Delta ’07 in Calafate, Argentina and he was co-chair of TSG 13 at ICME XII in Seoul, Korea and TSG 16 at ICME XIII in Hamburg, Germany. He is a reviewer for several journals as ZDM, IJRUME, iJMEST, ALME (Mexico), Union (Spain) and Numeros (Spain), among others. He is part of the Editorial Board for journals like IJRUME and Global Education Review. His main areas of interest are: • Mathematical modelling • Inverse problems • Applied Mathematics in Chemical and/or Environmental problems • Maths problems in Electrochemistry and corrosion • Chemical Kinetics • Electrochemistry • Environmental problems • Corrosion

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