Marcelo Rubén Pagnola

University of Buenos Aires Argentina

Dr. Marcelo Pagnola is a member Researcher of the CONICET and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires. Develops research in Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials areas; amorphous; micro and nanostructured production, by fast cooling production technology, and computational study in routes production. He is currently Director of the Magnetic Materials Plant in the INTECIN (UBA-CONICET) institute, author and co-author of several Invention patents and has a high experience in Technology Transfer to the specific industrial sector. Author of more than forty publications, in congresses and in national and international journals, and director of different national and international projects of scientific collaboration and technology transfer. Guest professor for the dictation of doctorate courses in Materials and Processes in Latin American and Caribbean technological universities.

Marcelo Rubén Pagnola

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A fundamental part of modern technology is composed of devices that use special materials as main components. Since the last few decades of the last century and even more recently, a remarkable development has been achieved in new micro- and nanostructured materials with compositional structures and production methods that open unprecedented technological, economic, and ecological perspectives due to high yields, economies of scale, the possibility of reducing weight and size, and the low environmental impact of the equipment that contains them. This book offers a collection of excellent studies that use state-of-the-art methodologies developed by professional researchers from different countries in diverse areas of materials. In this way, this book is particularly useful to academics, scientists, practicing researchers, and postgraduate students whose work relates to the latest nanomaterial technologies.

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