Lichang Wang

Southern Illinois University Carbondale United States of America

Lichang Wang, Ph.D., is Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the founder and president of MASIS, Inc. Her research activities encompass the area of molecular modeling, such as developing molecular dynamics simulation tools for complex systems and performing dynamics simulations and electronic structure calculations to study various systems of chemical and energy interests: (a) Transition metal nanoparticles, their toxicity to humans, and their catalytic activities for dehydrogenation of CH4, reduction of O2, direct conversion of coal to liquid fuel, and reactions of ethanol; and (b) Organic dyes for solar cell applications. Details of her research can be found on the website: The ultimate goal of her research activities is to replace as many bench top R & D experiments as possible by molecular modeling in order to achieve a greener, as well as economically better, R & D in Chemical and Energy Industries.

Lichang Wang

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Molecular Dynamics is a two-volume compendium of the ever-growing applications of molecular dynamics simulations to solve a wider range of scientific and engineering challenges. The contents illustrate the rapid progress on molecular dynamics simulations in many fields of science and technology, such as nanotechnology, energy research, and biology, due to the advances of new dynamics theories and the extraordinary power of today's computers. This second book begins with an introduction of molecular dynamics simulations to macromolecules and then illustrates the computer experiments using molecular dynamics simulations in the studies of synthetic and biological macromolecules, plasmas, and nanomachines. Coverage of this book includes: Complex formation and dynamics of polymers Dynamics of lipid bilayers, peptides, DNA, RNA, and proteins Complex liquids and plasmas Dynamics of molecules on surfaces Nanofluidics and nanomachines

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