Marco Antonio Aceves-Fernandez

Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro

Dr. Marco A. Aceves-Fernandez obtained his BSc (Eng) in Telematics from the Universidad de Colima, Mexico. He obtained both his MSc and PhD from the University of Liverpool, England, in the field of Intelligent Systems. He is full professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Mexico. He has been a recognized member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) since 2009. He has published more than eighty research papers as well as a number of book chapters and congress papers. He has contributed in more than twenty funded research projects, both academic and industrial, in the area of artificial intelligence, including environmental, biomedical, automotive, aviation, consumer, and robotics applications. He is also honorary president at the Mexican Association of Embedded Systems (AMESE), a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE), and a board member for many institutions and associations. His research interests include intelligent and embedded systems.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has attracted the attention of researchers and users alike and is taking an increasingly crucial role in our modern society. From cars, smartphones, and airplanes to medical equipment, consumer applications, and industrial machines, the impact of AI is notoriously changing the world we live in. In this context, Deep Learning (DL) is one of the techniques that has taken the lead for cognitive processes, pattern recognition, object detection, and machine learning, all of which have played a crucial role in the growth of AI. As such, this book examines DL applications and future trends in the field. It is a useful resource for researchers and students alike.

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