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1. Body Shape, Image, and Composition as Predictors of Athlete’s Performance

By Arnulfo Ramos-Jiménez, Rebeca Chávez-Herrera, Aida S. Castro- Sosa, Lilia C. Pérez-Hernández, Rosa P. Hernández Torres and David Olivas-Dávila

Part of book: Fitness Medicine

2. Exercise is Medicine: The Importance of Exercise as Preventative Medicine for a Disease‐Free Lifestyle

By Yati N. Boutcher

Part of book: Fitness Medicine

3. Epidemiology

By Akira Minematsu

Part of book: Low Back Pain

4. A Review of Non-Invasive Treatment Interventions for Spinal Deformities

By Clare Lewis

Part of book: Physical Therapy Perspectives in the 21st Century - Challenges and Possibilities

5. Exercise for Hypertension

By Chulvi-Medrano Iván, Sanchis-Cervera José, Tortosa-Martínez Juan and Cortell-Tormo Juan Manuel

Part of book: Fitness Medicine

6. Glutamine and Glutamate Reference Intervals as a Clinical Tool to Detect Training Intolerance During Training and Overtraining

By Rodrigo Hohl, Lázaro Alessandro Soares Nunes, Rafael Alkmin Reis, René Brenzikofer, Rodrigo Perroni Ferraresso, Foued Salmen Spindola and Denise Vaz Macedo

Part of book: An International Perspective on Topics in Sports Medicine and Sports Injury

7. Muscular Performance Assessment of Trunk Extensors: A Critical Appraisal of the Literature

By Christophe Demoulin, Stéphanie Grosdent, Rob Smeets, Jeanine Verbunt, Boris Jidovtseff, Geneviève Mahieu, Jean-Michel Crielaard and Marc Vanderthommen

Part of book: Low Back Pain

8. Activity Tracking and Improved Health Outcomes

By Daniel V. Gaz, Thomas M. Rieck and Nolan W. Peterson

Part of book: Fitness Medicine

9. Stabilization Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain

By A. Luque-Suárez, E. Díaz-Mohedo, I. Medina-Porqueres and T. Ponce-García

Part of book: Low Back Pain

10. Neurophysiological Effects of Exercise

By Selma Cırrık and Gulay Hacioglu

Part of book: Fitness Medicine