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Dr. Yoshihito Sakai, born 1968 in Nagoya has been an Assistant Professor at the Department of Spine Surgery, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Obu, Japan since 2009, through a lecturer at Nagoya University School of Medicine. He received his Ph.D. 'in vertebral osteophyte formation and gene polymorphism” in 2007 from Nagoya University School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. His research interests involve the area of degenerative disease of the lumbar spine and low back pain. He has published his research articles in over 100 national and international refereed journals and has written 10 books. And in his achievements to date, some of them have been awarded a number of Prizes. Outside of his academic activities, he is also an accomplished musician.

Yoshihito Sakai

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Low back pain is a common disorder which affects the lumbar spine, and is associated with substantial morbidity for about 80% of the general population at some stages during their lives. Although low back pain usually is a self-limiting disorder that improves spontaneously over time, the etiology of low back pain is generally unknown and the diagnostic label, "non-specific low back pain", is frequently given. This book contains reviews and original articles with emphasis on pathogenesis and treatment of low back pain except for the rehabilitative aspect. Consisting of three sections, the first section of the book has a focus on pathogenesis of low back pain, while the second and third sections are on the treatment including conservative and surgical procedure, respectively.

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