Colorectal Surgery

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1. The Role of Intestinal Barrier Function in Early Life in the Development of Colitis

By R.C. Anderson, J.E. Dalziel, P.K. Gopal, S. Bassett, A. Ellis and N.C. Roy

Part of book: Colitis

2. Animal Models of Colorectal Cancer in Chemoprevention and Therapeutics Development

By Shubhankar Suman, Albert J. Fornace Jr. and Kamal Datta

Part of book: Colorectal Cancer - From Prevention to Patient Care

3. Dietary Anthocyanins: Impact on Colorectal Cancer and Mechanisms of Action

By Federica Tramer, Spela Moze, Ayokunle O. Ademosun, Sabina Passamonti and Jovana Cvorovic

Part of book: Colorectal Cancer - From Prevention to Patient Care


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1. Colonoscopy — Indications and Contraindications

By Jigar Bhagatwala, Arpit Singhal, Summer Aldrugh, Muhammed Sherid, Humberto Sifuentes and Subbaramiah Sridhar

Part of book: Screening for Colorectal Cancer with Colonoscopy

2. Basic Endoscopic Findings — Normal and Pathological Findings

By Parth J. Parekh and Sanjay K. Sikka

Part of book: Screening for Colorectal Cancer with Colonoscopy

3. Endoscopic Manifestations and Mucosal Patterns Associated to Collagenous Colitis

By Daniel Gustavo Cimmino and José Manuel Mella

Part of book: Colonoscopy

4. Imaging of Colonic and Rectal Cancer

By Radu I Badea, Cosmin N Caraiani and Diana I Florian

Part of book: Colorectal Cancer - From Pathogenesis to Treatment

5. Portal Hypertensive Colopathy

By Vatsala Misra, Vishal Dhingra, S P Misra and Manisha Dwivedi

Part of book: Colonoscopy

6. Virtual Colonoscopy - Technical Aspects

By Andrzej Skalski, Mirosław Socha, Tomasz Zieliński and Mariusz Duplaga

Part of book: Colonoscopy

7. Rare Tumors of the Colon and Rectum

By Goran Stanojević and Zoran Krivokapić

Part of book: Colorectal Cancer - Surgery, Diagnostics and Treatment

8. Colorectal Cancer

By Kouklakis S. Georgios and Asimenia D. Bampali

Part of book: Colonoscopy and Colorectal Cancer Screening - Future Directions

9. Preparing for Colonoscopy

By Rosalinda S. Hulse

Part of book: Colonoscopy

10. Autofluorescence Imaging for Diagnosing Intestinal Disorders

By Mikihiro Fujiya, Kentaro Moriichi, Nobuhiro Ueno, Yusuke Saitoh and Yutaka Kohgo

Part of book: Colonoscopy