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University of Valencia Spain

Dr. Marco Bustamante is a staff member of the Endoscopy Unit of the University Hospital La Fe, a tertiary referral center in Valencia (Spain). Devoted to endoscopy since the end of his fellowship, his main interests are the use of endoscopy to early detection of neoplastic lesions and the utility of endoscopic resection techniques as an alternative to surgery as a treatment for early cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. He has published several studies on the use of imaging enhancing technologies to improve detection and diagnosis of colon adenomas mainly with the use of chromoendoscopy and narrow band imaging.

Marco Bustamante

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) represents a major public health problem worldwide. Fortunately most CRCs originate from a precursor lesion, the adenoma, which is accessible and removable. This is the rationale for CRC screening programs, which are aimed to diagnose CRC at an early stage or even better to detect and resect the advanced adenoma before CRC has developed. In this background colonoscopy emerges as the main tool to achieve these goals with recent evidence supporting its role in CRC prevention. This book deals with several topics to be faced when implementing a CRC screening program. The interested reader will learn about the rationale and challenges of implementing such a program, the management of the detected lesions, the prevention of complications of colonoscopy, and finally the use of other screening modalities that are emerging as valuable alternatives. The relevance of the topics covered in it and the updated evidence included by the authors turn this book into a very useful tool to introduce the reader in this amazing and evolving field.

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