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1. Redox Balance Affects Fish Welfare

By Sergio Sánchez-Nuño, Teresa Carbonell and Antoni Ibarz Valls

Part of book: Redox [Working Title]

2. Catalytic Behavior of Metal Active Sites From Modified Mesoporous Silicas in Oxidation of Organic Compounds

By Viorica Parvulescu

Part of book: Redox [Working Title]

3. Redox Potentials as Reactivity Descriptors in Electrochemistry

By José H. Zagal, Ingrid Ponce and Ruben Oñate

Part of book: Redox [Working Title]

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1. Saponin-Based, Biological-Active Surfactants from Plants

By Dorota Kregiel, Joanna Berlowska, Izabela Witonska, Hubert Antolak, Charalampos Proestos, Mirko Babic, Ljiljana Babic and Bolin Zhang

Part of book: Application and Characterization of Surfactants

2. The DFT+U: Approaches, Accuracy, and Applications

By Sarah A. Tolba, Kareem M. Gameel, Basant A. Ali, Hossam A. Almossalami and Nageh K. Allam

Part of book: Density Functional Calculations - Recent Progresses of Theory and Application

3. Modified Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalytic Applications

By John Moma and Jeffrey Baloyi

Part of book: Photocatalysts - Applications and Attributes

4. Selective Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Waters and Waste Waters Using Ion Exchange Methods

By Zbigniew Hubicki and Dorota Kołodyńska

Part of book: Ion Exchange Technologies

5. On the Titration Curves and Titration Errors in Donor Acceptor Titrations of Displacement and Electronic Transference Reactions

By Julia Martín, Laura Ortega Estévez and Agustín G. Asuero

Part of book: Redox - Principles and Advanced Applications

6. Multifunctional Gemini Surfactants: Structure, Synthesis, Properties and Applications

By Bogumil E. Brycki, Iwona H. Kowalczyk, Adrianna Szulc, Olga Kaczerewska and Marta Pakiet

Part of book: Application and Characterization of Surfactants

7. Modelling of Adsorption Kinetic Processes—Errors, Theory and Application

By George William Kajjumba, Serkan Emik, Atakan Öngen, H. Kurtulus Özcan and Serdar Aydın

Part of book: Advanced Sorption Process Applications

8. Biopolymer-Based Materials from Polysaccharides: Properties, Processing, Characterization and Sorption Applications

By Rohan S. Dassanayake, Sanjit Acharya and Noureddine Abidi

Part of book: Advanced Sorption Process Applications

9. Redox Flow Batteries: Fundamentals and Applications

By Ruiyong Chen, Sangwon Kim and Zhenjun Chang

Part of book: Redox - Principles and Advanced Applications

10. Oxygen Reduction Reaction

By Lindiwe Khotseng

Part of book: Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Evolution - Theory to Design