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A Neurodevelopmental Journey from Genes to Behaviour

The book covers some of the key research developments in autism and brings together the current state of evidence on the neurobiologic understanding of this intriguing disorder. The pathogenetic mechanisms are explored by contributors from diverse perspectives including genetics, neuroimaging, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuroimmunology, neuroendocrinology, functional organization of the brain and clinical applications from the role of diet to vaccines. It is hoped that understanding these interconnected neurobiological systems, the programming of which is genetically modulated during neurodevelopment and mediated through a range of neuropeptides and interacting neurotransmitter systems, would no doubt assist in developing interventions that accommodate the way the brains of individuals with autism function. In keeping with the multimodal and diverse origins of the disorder, a wide range of topics is covered and these include genetic underpinnings and environmental modulation leading to epigenetic changes in the aetiology; neural substrates, potential biomarkers and endophenotypes that underlie clinical characteristics; as well as neurochemical pathways and pathophysiological mechanisms that pave the way for therapeutic interventions.

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AutismA Neurodevelopmental Journey from Genes to BehaviourEdited by Valsamma Eapen

Published: August 17th 2011

DOI: 10.5772/974

ISBN: 978-953-307-493-1

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-6448-7

Copyright year: 2011

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. Abnormal Developmental Trajectories of White Matter in Autism - The Contribution of MRI

By Dafna Ben Bashat


Open access peer-reviewed

2. GABAergic Dysfunction in Autism and Epilepsy

By Sacha Genovesi, Giovanni Provenzano, Mark Dunleavy, Paola Sgadò and Yuri Bozzi


Open access peer-reviewed

3. GABA and Glutamate Receptors of the Autistic Brain

By Agenor Limon, Jorge M. Reyes-Ruiz and Ricardo Miledi


Open access peer-reviewed

4. The Biochemical Basis of Autistic Behavior and Pathology

By Dayan Goodenowe and Elodie Pastural


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Serotonergic Neurotransmission in Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Yoshihiro Takeuchi


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Adenosine and Autism - Recent Research and a New Perspective

By Susan A. Masino, Julia Svedova, Masahito Kawamura, Jr., Francis D. DiMario, Jr. and Inge-Marie Eigsti


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorders – Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets

By Rene Anand, Stephanie A. Amici, Gerald Ponath, Jordan I. Robson, Muhammad Nasir and Susan B. McKay


Open access peer-reviewed

8. Identifying Variations Within Unstable Regions of the Genome Reveal Autism Associated Patterns

By Abdullah Alqallaf and Ali Hajjiah


Open access peer-reviewed

9. Genome-Wide Association Studies of Copy Number Variation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

By Hae-Jin Hu and Yeun-Jun Chung


Open access peer-reviewed

10. A Missense Mutation in CD38 Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Three Pedigrees

By Haruhiro Higashida, Toshio Munesue, Shigeru Yokoyama, Minako Hashii, Keita Koizumi and Akihiro Matsushima


Open access peer-reviewed

11. Brain Oxytocin is a Main Regulator of Prosocial Behaviour - Link to Psychopathology

By Lukas Michael and Neumann Inga D


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Environmental Factors in the Aetiology of Autism – Lessons from Animals Prenatally Exposed to Valproic Acid

By Tomasz Schneider and Ryszard Przewłocki


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Environmentally Induced Oxidative Stress and Disruption of Brain Thyroid Hormone Homeostasis in Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Elizabeth M. Sajdel-Sulkowska


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Perinatal Immune Activation and Risk of Autism

By Theoharis Theoharides, Asimenia Angelidou, Konstantinos-Dionysios Alysandratos, Shahrzad Asadi, Konstantinos Francis, Lefteris Lykouras and Dimitrios Kalogeromitros


Open access peer-reviewed

15. Immune System and Neurotrophic Factors in Autism

By Elvan Iseri and Esra Guney


Open access peer-reviewed

16. Autoimmunity in Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Laila Y. AL-Ayadhi


Open access peer-reviewed

17. Vaccines and Autism – An Unlikely Connection

By Archana Chatterjee and Kody Moffatt


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Immune Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

By Jonna B. Westover, Thayne L. Sweeten, Michael Benson, Patricia Bray-Ward and Anthony R. Torres


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Impaired Oral Tolerance in ASD Children with Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) – Altered Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses in ASD Children Recovered from FPIES in Comparison with non-ASD/FPIES and ASD/non-FPIES Children

By Harumi Jyonouchi, Lee Geng, Pamella Kattouf, Deanna L. Streck and Gokce Toruner


Open access peer-reviewed

20. Clinical Evaluations on the Diagnosis of Autism

By Michaela Dobre and Ileana Stoica


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Loneliness and Silence in Autism - Implications for Psychotherapy

By Anna Bieniarz


Open access peer-reviewed

22. Mnesic Imbalance and the Neuroanatomy of Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Miguel Ángel Romero-Munguía


Open access peer-reviewed

23. Behavioral and Electrophysiological Characterization of Induced Neural Plasticity in the Autistic Brain

By Jaime A. Pineda, Heather Pelton, Oriana Aragon, Jia-Min Bai, Matt Erhart, Dane Chambers, Burcu Darst, Ernesto Enrique, Steven Gilmore, Stephen Johnson, Albert Anaya, Alicia Trigeiro, Dan T. Lotz, Nicholas Pojman, Tom Gamage and David Linderman


Open access peer-reviewed

24. Connecting Electroencephalography Profiles with the Gamma-Amino-Butyric Acid (GABA) Neuropathology of Autism as a Prelude to Treatment

By Jane Yip, Sara Davis and Oliver Wendt


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