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Dejan Stevanovic, MD, was born in 1979 in Serbia. He obtained his medical education at the Medical School University of Belgrade, where he also finished child and adolescent psychiatry training and doctorial studies, but he was educated in research at various European centers. His main research interests are child neuropsychiatry, cognitive neurology, and pharmacoeconomics. Specifically, Dejan is working and researching children with epilepsy and neurobiological syndromes, but the patient-reported outcome concept as well. Currently, he is affiliated with General Hospital Sombor in Serbia, serves editorial boards of several journals, and is a consultant for medical research. He has publications in various international journals. Interested in social and cultural diversities, life coaching, traveling, and hedonism.

Dejan Stevanovic

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With the vision of including authors from different parts of the world, different educational backgrounds, and offering open-access to their published work, InTech proudly presents the latest edited book in epilepsy research, Epilepsy: Histological, electroencephalographic, and psychological aspects. Here are twelve interesting and inspiring chapters dealing with basic molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying epileptic seizures, electroencephalographic findings, and neuropsychological, psychological, and psychiatric aspects of epileptic seizures, but non-epileptic as well.

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