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Northwest Missouri State University United States of America

Ming-Chih Hung is a Professor of Geography/GIScience at Northwest Missouri State University. He earned his bachelor degree from National Taiwan University focusing on DEM applications, his MS from the University of Utah focusing on the V-I-S Model and soft classification of TM images, and his Ph.D. also from the University of Utah focusing on remote sensing and GIS on urban areas. His research emphasizes on use of GIScience on urban areas. In addition to urban areas, he is also interested in precision agriculture and environmental issues. At Northwest Missouri State, he teaches courses on remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and cartography.

Ming Hung

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Remote sensing was the primary data source since the launch of the first environmental monitoring satellite back in 1972. In the past five decades, remote sensing technology has come a long way and evolved into a mature science. Even so, new technologies, new theories, new methodologies, and new applications continue to emerge. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, it is essential to share experiences especially between different disciplines, either on breakthroughs in new theory or understanding, or applications of remote sensing on real world issues. Disciplines or fields covered in this book include geography, geology, agriculture, forestry, botany, and oceanography. Though remote sensing may be used differently in various disciplines, the principles are similar, if not the same. This book will be valuable to scientists, scholars, working professionals, or students who use remote sensing in their work, and are interested in learning how others use remote sensing in different ways.

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