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Hearing Loss - From Multidisciplinary Teamwork to Public Health

Tang-Chuan Wang

China Medical University Hospital

Dr. Tang-Chuan Wang is an excellent otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon in Taiwan; a research scholar of Harvard Medical School and University of Iowa Hospitals. He worked in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Boston Children's Hospital, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Due to his contribution to biomedical engineering, he was invited into the executive committee of HIWIN-CMU Joint R & D Center in Taiwan.


Hidden Hearing Loss Plasticity Electrophysiology Otoacoustic Emission Newborn Hearing Screening Genetics Aging Hearing Aids Noise Exposure Occupational Hearing Loss Epidemiology Prevention

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About the book

The auditory system is one of the finest structures in the human body. Hearing loss, also known as hearing impairment, is a partial or total inability to hear. Although it is so small compared to other organ systems, without it, it will greatly affect a person's basic life. When people communicate with others, listening is always the first step. That is why Helen Keller once said, "Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people."
Congenital hearing loss means hearing loss that is present at birth. I have managed children with hearing loss for many years, and the most touching thing is the light that blooms on the face while the hearing-impaired child heard his mother's voice at first time. The scene of "happy tears" impressed me so much. To hear the voice that has not been heard is so pleasant, as if this ordinary listening experience is a supreme listening enjoyment.

Age-related hearing loss means a progressive loss of ability to hear high frequencies with aging, also known as presbycusis. Among them are the influence of internal and external factors such as genes, drugs and noise exposure. The studies pointed out that the brain stimulation of the hearing-impaired person is greatly reduced compared with subjects with normal hearing. The connection of auditory cortex and other brain areas has declined a lot, which is probably one of the important causes of dementia or even depression in the elderly.

Noise-induced hearing loss is hearing impairment resulting from exposure to loud sound. There is actually continuous and endless noise in many workplaces, which may cause chronic and cumulative damage. Some young people often work hard but easily neglect to protect themselves. In addition, in recent years, entertainment noise (such as nightclubs, concerts, and personal listening devices) has caused hearing impairment in young people. These should be avoidable and preventable.

Hearing Science is the study of impaired auditory perception, the technologies and other rehabilitation strategies for persons with hearing loss. Public health has been defined as "the science and art of preventing disease", improving quality of life through organized efforts. To avoid the “epidemic” of hearing loss, it is necessary to promote early screening, use hearing protection, and change public attitudes toward noise.

Based on these concepts, the book incorporates updated developments as well as future perspectives in the ever-expanding field of hearing loss. Besides, it is also a great reference for audiologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, specialists in public health, basic and clinical researchers.

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Tang-Chuan Wang

China Medical University Hospital

Dr. Tang-Chuan Wang is an excellent otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeon in Taiwan. He is also a research scholar of Harvard Medical School and University of Iowa Hospitals. During his substantial experience, he worked in Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Boston Children's Hospital and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Besides, he is not only working hard on clinical & basic medicine but also launching out into public health in Taiwan. In recent years, he devotes himself to innovation. He always says that "in theoretical or practical aspects, no innovation is a step backward". Due to his contribution to biomedical engineering, he was invited into executive committee of HIWIN-CMU Joint R & D Center in Taiwan.

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