Tang-Chuan Wang

China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital

Dr. Tang-Chuan Wang is an excellent otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon in Taiwan. He is also a research scholar at Harvard Medical School and University of Iowa Hospital, USA. He has extensive experience working at several institutions in the United States, including Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. He not only works in clinical and basic medicine but is also expanding into public health in Taiwan. In recent years, Dr. Wang has devoted himself to artificial intelligence and medical innovations. He always says that “in theoretical or practical aspects, no innovation is a step backward.\" Due to his contribution to biodesign, he was invited to join the executive committee of the Advanced Joint R&D Center in Taiwan.

Tang-Chuan Wang

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Telehealth includes clinical and non-clinical services, such as monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as delivery of preventative care and health promotion. Telemedicine is a more common term that describes remote clinical services. The major impact of COVID-19 has caused telemedicine to become mainstream since the end of 2019. Clinicians are having to use tele-consultation, tele-monitoring, tele-pharmacy, tele-rehabilitation, tele-surgery and other remote methods and technologies to assess and treat patients. In patient-centric telehealth/telemedicine, personalized data generated by the various monitoring technologies are jointly managed by patients and medical staff, moving us ever closer to the ideal of precision medicine. With contributions from many respected authors, this book incorporates updated developments as well as future prospects for the ever-expanding field of telehealth/telemedicine. It can also serve as a reference for anyone involved in this field, whether they are clinicians, researchers or patients.

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