Stavros Hatzopoulos

University of Ferrara

Dr. Stavros Hatzopoulos is a faculty member of the Audiology and ENT clinic, University of Ferrara, Italy, since 1994. His background is in biomedical engineering, audiological engineering, and hearing science (BS, from the University of Southern California; MSc from Texas A&M University; PhD from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts). He received his habilitation as an associate professor in 2014. He is the author of more than 175 book chapters, peer-review papers, and congress presentations. He has participated in numerous European Concerted Action Projects in the areas of otoacoustic emissions, genetics, and nanotechnologies. He currently serves as the editor of the Portal on Otoacoustic Emissions and as the audiology section editor in the Journal of Hearing Science.

3books edited

5chapters authored

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This book presents the latest findings in clinical audiology with a strong emphasis on new emerging technologies that facilitate and optimize a better assessment of the patient. The book has been edited with a strong educational perspective (all chapters include an introduction to their corresponding topic and a glossary of terms). The book contains material suitable for graduate students in audiology, ENT, hearing science and neuroscience.

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