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Centralities Based Analysis of Complex Networks

By Giovanni Scardoni and Carlo Laudanna

Part of the book: New Frontiers in Graph Theory

Visibility Algorithms: A Short Review

By Angel M. Nuñez, Lucas Lacasa, Jose Patricio Gomez and Bartolo Luque

Part of the book: New Frontiers in Graph Theory

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem

By Elizabeth F. G. Goldbarg, Marco C. Goldbarg and Givanaldo R. de Souza

Part of the book: Traveling Salesman Problem


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Discrete Wavelet Transform and Optimal Spectral Transform Applied to Multicomponent Image Coding

By Isidore Paul Akam Bita, Michel Barret, Florio Dalla Vedova, Jean-Louis Gutzwiller and Dinh-Tuan Pham

Part of the book: Discrete Wavelet Transforms

Critical Aspects for Mechanical Simulation in Dental Implantology

By Erika O. Almeida, Amilcar C. Freitas Júnior, Eduardo P. Rocha, Roberto S. Pessoa, Nikhil Gupta, Nick Tovar and Paulo G. Coelho

Part of the book: Finite Element Analysis

Watermarking-Based Image Authentication System in the Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain

By Clara Cruz Ramos, Rogelio Reyes Reyes, Mariko Nakano Miyatake and Héctor Manuel Pérez Meana

Part of the book: Discrete Wavelet Transforms