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Perceptual Image Hashing

By Azhar Hadmi, William Puech, Brahim Ait Es Said and Abdellah Ait Ouahman

Part of the book: Watermarking

Real Time Implementation of Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Image and Video Application

By Amit Joshi, Vivekanand Mishra and R. M. Patrikar

Part of the book: Watermarking

Decision Support Systems used in Disaster Management

By Marius Cioca and Lucian-Ionel Cioca

Part of the book: Decision Support Systems

Knowledge Bases for Clinical Decision Support in Drug Prescribing – Development, Quality Assurance, Management, Integration, Implementation and Evaluation of Clinical Value

By Birgit Eiermann, Pia Bastholm Rahmner, Seher Korkmaz, Carina Landberg, Birgitta Lilja, Tero Shemeikka, Aniko Veg, Björn Wettermark and Lars L Gustafsson

Part of the book: Decision Support Systems


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