Huei Tse Hou

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan

Prof. Huei-Tse Hou is a distinguished Professor of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the Director of Mini-Educational Game Development Group. His research interests include learning behavioral pattern analysis and game-based learning. He specializes in integrating and applying multi-dimensional analysis to students’ learning behavioral patterns (including quantitative content analysis, cluster analysis, sequential analysis, etc). Dr. Hou has published more than 100 research papers. He serves as the editorial board member or reviewer for more than 20 international educational journals and received the Outstanding Researcher Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan in 2017. Dr. Hou has published more than 40 SSCI journal papers related to the empirical studies and development of research methods of learning behavioral patterns, thus being internationally influential in this field.

Huei Tse Hou

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Many research fields are heading toward more precise process analyses in the era of big data and artificial intelligence. In particular, using innovative methods to analyze different human behaviors as well as understand specific behavioral patterns helps explore the structures and contexts in all kinds of human behaviors, which can serve as theoretical innovation and strategies to solve human problems. This book collects the latest behavior analysis research in different disciplines, including some methods or analysis examples.

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