Mithun Das Gupta

Mithun Das Gupta received his bachelors degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2001. He got his masters and PhD from the ECE Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in 2008. He was a member of the Image Formation and Processing Lab at the Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology. His areas of interest include computer vision and image processing, graphical models for image classification, machine learning, approximate inference, convex optimization techniques and dimensionality reduction. He has published in a wide variety of prestigious conferences and journals. He is currently a Lead Scientist at GE Global Research Bangalore India.

Mithun Das Gupta

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This collection of books brings some of the latest developments in the field of watermarking. Researchers from varied background and expertise propose a remarkable collection of chapters to render this work an important piece of scientific research. The chapters deal with a gamut of fields where watermarking can be used to encode copyright information. The work also presents a wide array of algorithms ranging from intelligent bit replacement to more traditional methods like ICA. The current work is split into two books. Book one is more traditional in its approach dealing mostly with image watermarking applications. Book two deals with audio watermarking and describes an array of chapters on performance analysis of algorithms.

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