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Increase in Anoxia in Lake Victoria and Its Effects on the Fishery

By Murithi Njiru, Chrisphine Nyamweya, John Gichuki, Rose Mugidde, Oliva Mkumbo and Frans Witte

Part of the book: Anoxia

Valorization of Prickly Pear [Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill]: Nutritional Composition, Functional Properties and Economic Aspects

By Francisca Hernández García, Lucia Andreu Coll, Marina Cano-Lamadrid, David López Lluch, Ángel A. Carbonell Barrachina and Pilar Legua Murcia

Part of the book: Invasive Species

Deviation from Grazing Optimum in the Grassland Habitats of Romania Within and Outside the Natura 2000 Network

By Anamaria Roman, Tudor-Mihai Ursu, Irina Onțel, Teodor Marușca, Oliviu Grigore Pop, Sretco Milanovici, Alexandru Sin-Schneider, Carmen Adriana Gheorghe, Sorin Avram, Sorina Fărcaș and József Pál Frink

Part of the book: Habitats of the World


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The Disturbed Habitat and Its Effects on the Animal Population

By Maria Teresa Capucchio, Elena Colombino, Martina Tarantola, Davide Biagini, Loris Giovanni Alborali, Antonio Marco Maisano, Federico Scali, Federica Raspa, Emanuela Valle, Ilaria Biasato, Achille Schiavone, Cristian Salogni, Valentina Bar, Claudia Gili and Franco Guarda

Part of the book: Habitats of the World