Stanislaw Wolowiec

University of Information Technology and Management in RzeszowPoland

Stanislaw Wolowiec was born in Rzeszow in 1949. He graduated from Technical University in Rzeszow in 1972 (Eng. title). Then he worked at Medical Academy of Wroclaw as technical assistant (1973-1975). Then he studied at University of Wroclaw, from which he graduated in 1977 (MSci). After that he worked at University of Wroclaw as PhD student (PhD at 1983) and research associate. There he received doctorate for work on 1-D and 2-D NMR of metaloporhyrins (1999). Later he worked at Rzeszow University of Technology (1999 - 2011) as professor of chemistry, where he was a vice-dean of Faculty of Chemistry (2000-2003), dean of Department of Biotechnology and Biochemistry (2003-2006), dean of Department of General Chemistry and Electrochemistry (2006-2009). He was also employed at Rzeszow University of Information Technology and Menagement (2006-now) as professor of chemistry, dean of Department of Cosmetology (2007-now) and dean of Faculty of Tourism and Health Sciences (2009-now). Prof. Wolowiec was a supervisor of five PhD students: M. Kopaczynska (2002),T. Ruman (2003), J. Kisala (2006), M. Zareba (2009), P. Subik (2011). Prof. Wolowiec is the author of 70 papers within the area of inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, catalysis, pharmacology and cosmetic chemistry. He worked as post-doc at Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam (with prof. Sijbe Balt, 1987-1989), University of Houston (with prof. Jay K. Kochi, 1989-1991), and Univerista La Sapienza in Rome (with prof. F. Monacelli, 1997).

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