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Virginia Tech

Mizuho Nita is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist of grape pathology at Virginia Tech’s Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Winchester, VA. His academic interest is in the areas of applied plant pathology and plant disease epidemiology. His current research projects are: Use of a biological control agent for grapevine crown gall; Management of grape ripe rot; Epidemiological studies of grapevine leafroll-associated virus and its vectors; Grape disease management tool (GrapeIPM.org); Trunk diseases; and Organic and alternative fungicides. He has been active on extension programs that target growers and Cooperative Extension agents not only in Virginia but also in other states and countries. He also serves as a Specially-appointed Associate Professor at Shinshu University in Japan. Prof. Nita is active on his blog Virginia Grape Disease Updates (http://ext.grapepathology.org), Twitter (@grapepathology), and Facebook (GrapePathVATech).

Mizuho Nita

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This book comprised of three sections that focus various aspects of fungicide usages and its consequences. In the eight-chapter first section, authors discuss implementation of Integrated Plant Disease Management on a wide array of crops grown in different parts of the world: wheat productions in Argentina and in the US; corn, cotton and Eucalyptus productions in Brazil; rice productions in India; peanut productions in the southern US; and pine seedling nurseries in Serbia. The second section is composed of two chapters that explore the possibility of natural products as fungicides. The final section discusses two interesting and important topics on the fungicide-fungus interaction that can influence the implementation of plant disease management practices, fungicide resistance and hormesis.

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