Mohammed Amr El-Missiry

Mansoura University Egypt

Professor Mohammed Amr El-Missiry received his Ph.D from school of Biological Sciences, Bath University, England in 1987 for the study on membrane sulphydryl groups in the control of water and ion balance. Professor El-Missiry joined faculty of science, Mansoura University in a teaching and research positions. In 1988, he went for postdoctoral fellowship in College of Medicine, University of Perugia, Italy as a visiting scientist, and was involved in the study of factors affecting the stability of membrane enzymes. He received two prizes for research Excellence from Mansoura University. Professor El-Missiry is now professor of cell physiology and biology at Mansoura University and leading a team interested in research on new development in antioxidants and redox balance, which have considerable impact on protection, therapeutic and amelioration of oxidative stress induced by environmental toxicants, drugs and diseases.

Mohammed Amr El-Missiry

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Free radicals are constantly formed in living cells and removed by antioxidant defenses. Antioxidant enzymes are the main line of defense against free radicals in animal and plant cells. Uncontrolled generation ROS are involved in a number of human disease states, including diabetes and cancer due to disturbance in cellular and molecular processes including cell growth, differentiation and proliferation. When cells are exposed to oxidative stress a defense system endorses the expression and regulation of number of antioxidant enzymes as a defense mechanism to protect them from the damage induced by free radicals. Based on this fact, the book "Antioxidant Enzymes" was designed to overview the importance of the antioxidant enzymes in human and plant cells against toxic free radicals, their relationship with several pathophysiologic processes and their possible therapeutic application.

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