Ivana Mravicic

School of Medicine of the University of Rijeka

Dr. Ivana Mravicic has been Assistant professor at MS University of Rijeka, Croatia since 2015 and Scientific assistant at MS University of Rijeka, Croatia since 2011. She received her PhD at MS University of Zagreb in 2004. and MSc at MS University of Zagreb in 1994. Among here work expiriences are: 2007. – Chief of the Paediatric and Oculoplastic Department, Eye Clinic, Svjetlost, Zagreb 2003.-2007. General manager, Eye Policlinic Marin Getaldić Zagreb 1999.-2003. Ophthalmology resident, GH „Sveti Duh', Zagreb 1994.-1999. Scientific bachelor at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zagreb. Dr. Ivana Mravicic attended the following professional educations and trainings: 2018. Practical training, US Zuerich; 2011, 2010. Practical training LMU Muenich; 1998,1995. Practical training University Eye Clinic Hamburg. She has collaborated on the following projects: 2007.-2011. researcher scientific project, Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology'; and 1995.-1997. Researcher scientific project, Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology'. Dr. Mravicic\'s selected international awards are: 2018. SOE TG; 2008. SOE YO scolarship; 2005. 1999. SOE travel grant; and 1998. DAAD Stipendium.

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Visual processing refers to the ability to perceive three-dimensional images. To accomplish this, our eyes have to be perfectly tuned and work together. Each eye perceives a slightly different image that the brain then has to unite into a single three-dimensional picture. This book explains the motor and sensory steps necessary for forming binocular and stereo vision, discusses tests to assess the different steps and describes disruptions that can occur in the eyes and the brain. Because of the sensitivity of the developing child's eye, the book also addresses the assessment of children's vision. This book will appeal to ophthalmologists, paediatricians, neurologists and other interested readers.

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