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Dr. Priti Kumar Roy has been rewarded Ph.D. degree from Jadavpur University. Scientific publications in international height inaugurated before this and at this moment a lots of his publications have occurred. Eight Ph.D. students are perusing their research work under his esteemed guidance. Dr. Roy has performed as reviewer in International and National Journals. He has served in Government colleges in different parts of West Bengal, India. Now, he is engaged at teaching in the Faculty of Science, Jadavpur University since 2008. Dr. Roy was also invited to deliver his impressive lectures in a variety of Indian Universities, Institutes and abroad also. He has been selected as an eminent member in different National and International Societies like Bio mathematical Society of India and IAENG. He has completed some Research Projects and three major Research Projects are continuing under his pioneer supervision, sponsored by various India Government agencies. Dr. Roy has received Best Paper Award in World Congress on Engineering 2010 which was held in London, UK. He has been selected as an Indian Scientist for nomination under International Collaboration/Exchange Programme2011-2012 by INSA. He is served as an organizing secretary in different National and International Conference. He is now working the research on the chronic disease Psoriasis, HIV Infection and Control Therapeutic Approach and Host Pathogen Interaction very progressively.

Roy Priti

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This book is projected as a preliminary manuscript in Infectious Disease. It is undertaken to cover the foremost basic features of the articles. Infectious Disease and analogous phenomenon have been one of the main imperative postwar accomplishments in the world. The book expects to provide its reader, who does not make believe to be a proficient mathematician, an extensive preamble to the field of infectious disease. It may immeasurably assist the Scientists and Research Scholars for continuing their investigate workings on this discipline. Numerous productive and precise illustrated descriptions with a number of analyses have been included. The book offers a smooth and continuing evolution from the principally disease oriented lessons to a logical advance, providing the researchers with a compact groundwork for upcoming studies in this subject.

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