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Narayan R. Joshi received his MSc in Electronics from Poona University, India. He received his MS and PhD in Mechanics and Materials Science from Johns Hopkins University, MD. He has worked as the Head of the Dual Engineering Degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Lamar University, TX, and Prairie View A&M University, TX. His academic teachings include elastic wave propagation, materials science, metallurgy, mechanical vibrations, and advanced non-destructive evaluation methods. His experimental research includes ultrasonics, acoustic emission, X-ray diffraction, and optical materials (lasers without inversion). Dr. Joshi has worked for General Electric, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Southwest Research Institute, and Texas Instruments. He has about 60 research publications to his credit. He is ASNT Level III in UT, PT, MT, and ET. He is a fellow of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing. He holds three patents.

Narayan Joshi

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This book is intended for all those professionals with interest in developing a basic background in acoustic emission and its use as a non-destructive testing technique. The monitoring of high-power microwave radar tubes is an example of the use of such techniques. This book will also be of interest to those involved in the design, maintenance and procurement of high-power microwave radar tubes. And finally, it is also intended for those students of physics and engineering interested in specializing in acoustics and acoustic techniques.

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