Ayax D. Ramirez

Mr. Ayax D. Ramirez is a senior physicist and manager of the Basic and Applied Research Division at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific). He manages and leads the technical direction of over 100 scientists and engineers, with the mission to provide scientific and technological solutions in the areas of cryogenic exploitation of RF signals, quantum information technologies, cyber security, non-linear dynamics, environmental sciences, alternative energy sources, electromagnetic sensors, human/machine interactions, and other technologies relevant to the US Navy. Mr. Ramirez’s career with the US Navy spans over 20 years and his work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Lauritsen-Bennett Award for Excellence in Science, the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the Federal Lab Consortium Excellence in Technology Transition Award, the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Luminary Award, the Meritorious Service Award from the National Organization for Mexican American Rights, the Black Engineer of the Year Award, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Trailblazer Award, the SSC Pacific Science and Technology Award, and the SSC Pacific Leadership Award. Mr. Ramirez holds over 30 US patents and has authored or coauthored over 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and technical reports. Mr. Ramirez received his MS in Physics from San Diego State University. He is a member of the National Academy of Inventors and the American Physical Society. In addition, Mr. Ramirez is an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA, where he has been teaching for over 20 years.

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