Bimal Kumar Ghimire

Konkuk University

Dr. Bimal Kumar Ghimire is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Crop Science, College of Sanghuh Life Science, Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea. He received his MS in Botany (major in Cytogenetics) from North Bengal University, India. He obtained his Ph.D. in Agriculture Science from Kangwon National University, South Korea, in 2008. Subsequently, he joined the Department of Botany, Sikkim University, India, as an assistant professor. He has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. He has edited and written several books and contributed chapters on different aspects of plant sciences including light sources generally used in controlled agriculture, genetic transformation, and secondary metabolites of medicinal plants. His research interests and experience include plant anatomy, genetic diversity in bioenergy crops, allyl compounds, tissues and cell culture, bioreactor culture, and genetic transformation of important medicinal plants.

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This book integrates knowledge of plant biotechnology, plant physiology, and the environment. It presents new information about soil organic carbon sequestration using plant species (tropical grasses) that have potential in climate change mitigation. It also presents scientific knowledge on the multipurpose role of microRNA (miRNA), focusing mainly on stress tolerance in crop plants. Chapters discuss uses, methods, and advantages of recombinant DNA technology and novel plant biotechnology applications for plant-based vaccines. This volume brings together knowledge about non-edible plants seeds as potential sources of biodiesel production to mitigate the global energy crisis.

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