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Wengui Yan has been a Research Geneticist since 1996 at the USDA-ARS Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center. Dr. Yan received both B.S. (1981) and M.S. (1984) in Agronomy from Sichuan Agricultural University, China and Ph.D (1992) in Plant Breeding and Genetics from University of Arkansas, USA. His research interests cover phenotypic and genotypic characterization of over 20,000 rice accessions originated from 116 countries in the USDA Plant Germplasm System http://www.ars-grin.gov/npgs/index.html, germplasm identification for various traits essential for resistances to biotic and abiotic stresses, and grain yield, quality and nutritional values, and gene and/or QTL mapping along with molecular marker development for those traits to assist cultivar improvement using genomic technologies. The research program led by him has published 83 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 4 book chapters, 104 proceedings and abstracts for academic conferences and 1 patent in USA, China, Philippines, etc. At present, he is serving as academic editor for PLOS ONE, Plant Omics Journal and The Crop Journal, and reviewer for tens of scientific journals.

Wengui Yan

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Rice is a staple food for half of the worlds population mostly in Asia. Productivity of rice has largely been improved since the Green Revolution in 1960s. Further improvement of rice yield is necessary to keep pace with population growth, which is a challenging task for breeders. This book, Rice - Germplasm, Genetics and Improvement, as its name implies, comprehensively reviews current knowledge in germplasm exploration, genetic basis of complex traits, and molecular breeding strategies in rice. In the germplasm part, we highlight the application of wild rice in rice breeding. In the genetics part, most of the complex traits related with yield, disease, quality have been covered. In the improvement part, Chinese experiences in hybrid rice breeding have been summarized together with many molecular breeding practices scattering in different chapters.

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