Hlanganani Tutu

University of the Witwatersrand South Africa

Hlanganani Tutu is an associate professor in environmental chemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He obtained his PhD degree in Environmental Chemistry from the same university in 2006. His research interests include geochemical modelling of solute transport, designing remediation strategies for contaminated environments, recovering value from waste and chemometric data modelling. He teaches courses in general chemistry, environmental chemistry and geochemical modelling and has supervised a number of research projects. He has published many articles in international scientific journals and chapters in books.

Hlanganani Tutu

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As concerns increase over the scarcity of water resources and the role of anthropogenic activities, water quality is evermore important. Activities ranging from agriculture to mining have had a bearing on the quality of water that they impact. Several studies assessing such impacts have been conducted at local and global scales over the years. This book, consisting of contributions by authors in various water-related fields, delves into some approaches that are used to understand and/or to improve water quality, and these include assessment of water chemistry, biomonitoring, modelling and water treatment. This book will be useful to environmental scientists, water professionals, researchers, academics and students.

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