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University of Isfahan Iran

Dr. Behrooz Movahedi obtained his PhD degree in Materials Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in Iran in 2010. During t his period, while on a sabbatical l eave he visited the School of Materials Science and Engineering in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. After that he joined the Department of Nanotechnology Engineering in the University of Isfahan (UI) as an Associate Professor. Recently, he is the head of the Nanotechnology Engineering Department in Faculty of Advanced Sciences and Technologies. Dr. Behrooz Movahedi has over 10 years of experience in the nanotechnology, amorphous materials, optical ceramics, and advanced thermal spray coatings for environmental and industrial applications. He was invited as a reviewer in some potential ISI journals such as Materials & Design, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Surface and Coatings Technology, Applied Surface Science, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Materials Science & Engineering B...

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Metallic glasses and amorphous materials have attracted much more attention in the last two decades. A noncrystalline solid produced by continuous cooling from the liquid state is known as a glass. From the other point of view, a noncrystalline material, obtained by any other process, for example, vapor deposition or solid-state processing methods such as mechanical alloying, but not directly from the liquid state, is referred to as an amorphous material. At this moment, bulk metallic glasses (BMG) are appearing as a new class of metallic materials with unique physical and mechanical properties for structural and functional usage. Extreme values of strength, fracture toughness, magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, and other properties have been registered in BMG materials.

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