Anna Aladjadjiyan


MSc in Physics of Semiconductors, PhD in Physics of Condensed Matter, DSc in Agriculture. Former Head Department Physics and Mathematics in the Agricultural University , Plovdiv. Former Vice-Rector (International and Public Relations) of the AU. Professor of Physics. Former member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Central European Agriculture (2001-2007) and member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (2002-2009). Actively participates in international projects and events. Coordinator of 15 international education and scientific projects for Bulgaria : Altener, Thermie, PECO, Bulgarian Research Fund, Socrates-Erasmus Institutional Co-ordinator (2000-2007), Quality Culture (2003-2004), Round II, Quality Culture Round III (2005 ), ISEKI-FOOD (Erasmus Network; 2005 –2012 ), FP7, Horizon2020. European Expert for evaluation of ALTENER proposals in 2002 and European Expert for evaluation of ERASMUS proposals in 2006 – 2009. She has published over 150 scientific papers.

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This book is devoted to food production and the problems associated with the satisfaction of food needs in different parts of the world. The emerging food crisis calls for development of sustainable food production, and the quality and safety of the food produced should be guaranteed. The book contains thirteen chapters and is divided into two sections. The first section is related to social issues rising from food insufficiency in the third world countries, and is titled "Sustainable food production: Case studies". The case studies of semi-arid Africa, Caribbean and Jamaica, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Pacific Islands, Mexico and Brazil are discussed. The second section, titled "Scientific Methods for Improving Food Quality and Safety", covers the methods for control and avoidance of food contaminants. Substitution of chemical treatment with physical, rapid analytical methods for control of contaminants, problems in animal husbandry related to diary production and hormones in food producing animals, approaches and tasks in maize and rice production are in the covered by 6 chapters in this section.

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