Anna Aladjadjiyan


MSc in Physics of Semiconductors, PhD in Physics of Condensed Matter, DSc in Agriculture. Former Head Department Physics and Mathematics in the Agricultural University , Plovdiv. Former Vice-Rector (International and Public Relations) of the AU. Professor of Physics. Former member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Central European Agriculture (2001-2007) and member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (2002-2009). Actively participates in international projects and events. Coordinator of 15 international education and scientific projects for Bulgaria : Altener, Thermie, PECO, Bulgarian Research Fund, Socrates-Erasmus Institutional Co-ordinator (2000-2007), Quality Culture (2003-2004), Round II, Quality Culture Round III (2005 ), ISEKI-FOOD (Erasmus Network; 2005 –2012 ), FP7, Horizon2020. European Expert for evaluation of ALTENER proposals in 2002 and European Expert for evaluation of ERASMUS proposals in 2006 – 2009. She has published over 150 scientific papers.

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This book is dedicated to the reuse of waste and residues from the agricultural sector. Plant residues, as well as animal manure and residues from animal breeding, contain useful elements that can be processed for production of fertilizers, compost for soil recultivation, and biofuels. The emerging energy and resources crisis calls for development of sustainable reuse of waste and residues. This book contains eight chapters divided into four sections. The first section contains the introductory chapter from the editor. The second section is related to the preparation of fertilizers and compost for soil amelioration from agricultural residues and waste water. The third section considers the use of agricultural waste for solid biofuels and biogas. The fourth section discusses sustainability and risk assessment related to the use of agricultural waste and residues.

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