Pakize Erdogmus

Duzce University

Pakize Erdoğmuş was born in Erzurum, Turkey, in 1972. She received her BSc degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Kocaeli Engineering Faculty, in 1993. She received her MSc degree in Computer Science and her Ph.D. degree in Numerical Methods from Ataturk University. Dr. Erdoğmuş studied continuous optimization problems, linear programming, and revised simplex method, for her master of thesis and course scheduling 'Discrete Optimization Problem” for her Ph.D. From 2003 to 2010, she was an Assistant Professor at Duzce University, Faculty of Technical Education. Since 2010, she has been working in the Department of Computer Engineering of Duzce University, Faculty of Engineering. She is currently working at Duzce University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Computer Engineering as an Associate professor. Her research interests are nature-inspired optimization algorithms, signal and image processing.

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This book is intended to gather recent studies on particle swarm optimization (PSO). In this book, readers can find the recent theoretical developments and applications on PSO algorithm. From the theoretical aspect, PSO has preserved its popularity because of the fast convergence rate, and a lot of hybrid algorithms have recently been developed in order to increase the performance of the algorithm. At the same time, PSO has also been used to solve different kinds of engineering optimization problems. In this book, a reader can find engineering applications of PSO, such as environmental economic dispatch and grid computing.

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