Zissis Chroneos

Pennsylvania State University United States of America

After completing doctoral studies in Chemistry at the University of South Carolina, Zissis C. Chroneos pursued postdoctoral studies at Vanderbilt University College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center to elucidate the mechanisms by which surfactant proteins modulate host defense and inflammation in the lung. These studies led to his discovery of the surfactant protein A receptor SP-R210 and its identification as cell-surface isoforms of Myosin 18A that modulate innate receptor dynamics and polarization in macrophages. He is currently an associate professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine investigating host factors and SP-R210–mediated mechanisms that modulate surfactant metabolism, macrophage differentiation, and pathogenesis of viral and bacterial infections in the lung.

Zissis Chroneos

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Pneumonia is an inflammatory disease of the air sacs and surrounding interstitium caused by infectious agents or by endogenous inflammatory tissue disorder termed interstitial pneumonia. The present book covers contemporary topics of community, hospital, and health care-related bacterial and viral pneumonia in the setting of drug resistance, environmental exposures, climate change, hormonal influences, and gender. The topic of interstitial pneumonia is brought under the lens of an immune-related connective tissue disease.

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