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Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology India

Dr. Nabin Kumar Dhal, Principal Scientist holds an M.Sc (Botany) and Ph.D degree from Utkal University. For the last twenty two years he has been working in Environment and Sustainability Department, CSIR- Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (formerly RRL), Bhubaneswar under the umbrella of CSIR, New Delhi and looking for the exploration of natural resources of Odisha. Dr. Dhal has done outstanding contribution to the field of taxonomy and biodiversity conservation reporting new species from Eastern Ghats, assessment of Rare, Endangered and Threatened taxa, appropriate conservation measures for targeted threatened taxa including vegetation change in relation to the climate, potent actinobacteria and fungi from mangrove ecosystems for antibiotic as well as industrial enzyme production and Phytoremediation as a green technology for sustainable development of mining areas of Odisha.

Nabin Kumar Dhal

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The book "Plant Science" consists of 12 chapters divided into three sections authored by many researchers from different parts of the Globe. Section-I: Plant and Environment, describes the relationship between plants and environment, particularly enumerating species-environment relationship and response of plants to different environmental stress conditions. Section-II: Plant-Microbe relation, embodies broadly on both positive and negative aspects of microbes on plants. Section-III: Plant Biotechnology, shed light on current biotechnological research to develop modern technology for producing biologicals and also increasing plant immunity in present environmental conditions. The book "Plant Science" will be helpful to a wide group peoples; readers, scientists, researchers and allied professionals. We recommend it to you; enjoy reading it, save the plant and save life!

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