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Dr. Yuanzhi Zhang is a Research Fellow and Professor of earth system science and marine remote sensing at China University of Geoscience Beijing and Nanjing Information University of Science and Technology in China. Dr. Zhang received a Doctor of Science in Technology at Helsinki University of Technology (now renamed Aalto University) in Finland. Dr. Zhang is the author and co-author of 195 peer-reviewed journal articles and 16 books or book chapters. He received the First-Rank Award of the Guangdong Provincial Prize of Science and Technology, China, in 2013 and the Second-Rank Award, ARCA (Actions for Raising Critical Awareness) Prize at the International Symposium “Environment 2010: Situation and Perspectives for the European Union”, Porto, Portugal, in 2003. Dr. Zhang was the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation from 2012-2021.

Yuanzhi Zhang

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In recent years, geographic information systems (GIS) and their coastal applications have drawn increasing awareness globally, regionally, and locally. These systems are used to monitor, model, and predict coastal zone issues. New technologies, including advances in GIS platforms and techniques, are being adopted and innovatively applied to coastal environments and disasters, coastal resources, coastal social systems, and coastal urban environments using new algorithms, big data processing, and deep learning approaches. This book examines a variety of GIS applications, providing a comprehensive overview of techniques, approaches, and experiences in GIS for coastal zones.

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