Xing-Tai Li

Dalian Minzu University

Professor Xing-Tai Li was admitted to Peking University School of Pharmacy (pharmaceutics major) in 1996 and later transferred to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and from there, he received his PhD degree in basis of integrated Chinese and Western medicine-Biochemistry in 1999. He worked for 21 years in the College of Life Science, Dalian Minzu University. His research interests include investigation on nature of Qi, the mechanism of Qi invigoration in TCM from mitochondrial bioenergetics perspective, and Qi-invigorating therapy for the prevention and treatment of mitochondrial diseases (cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, etc.). He proposed a scientific hypothesis that Qi in TCM is bioenergy and demonstrated that the mechanism of Qi-invigorating action was implemented by improving mitochondrial energy metabolism.

Xing-Tai Li

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the world's most comprehensive alternative and complementary medicine. With the rising morbidity of serious illnesses like diabetes, infertility, silicosis, etc., there are no highly effective treatments; even though Western medicine has made spectacular advances, this influenced us to seek Chinese medical therapies of health care. This book offers a unique perspective of Chinese medicine theories and therapies. It has practical chapters on diabetes, infertility, silicosis, kidney essence, and a compilation of contraindicated Chinese medicines for pregnancy. TCM is a treasure, and this ancient wisdom should be respected and applied to the modern medical system; it will provide more choices and a wider field of vision for Western medicine at the two cognitive crossroads of East and West.

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