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Dr. Martha Patricia Hernández-Vergara obtained her DSc from CINVESTAV-IPN in crustacean nutrition. Her research focuses on biotechnical development for sustainable aquaculture practices. She is also active in the graduate programs at the ITBOCA, where she have developed programs of research nutrition for native crustaceans, breeding and genetic selection of tilapia, aquaponic systems and biofloc technology. She had published several papers in reputable journals.

Martha Hernandez-Vergara

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This book presents some innovative developments in sustainable aquaculture practices in the context of environmental protection and seafood production techniques. The chapters are written by experts in their respective areas, so that their contribution represents the progress of their research, which is intended to mark the current frontier in aquaculture practices. Every chapter presents techniques that contribute to good aquaculture practices, where direct and vital nutrition and food, as a source of energy and biomass generation, is fundamentally based. We hope this book supports producers and researchers in their activities and helps to maintain a spirit of environmental protection in the context of production of high quality, nutritional food.

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