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Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences

Dr Arli Aditya Parikesit is the Head of the Bioinformatics Department at i3L. He finished his bachelor and master degrees, both in Chemistry, from the University of Indonesia. In order to pursue his degree in Bioinformatics, he accepted a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) fellowship to conduct his doctorate research with the Bioinformatics Group, Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics, University of Leipzig, Germany. His doctoral research is focused on the utilization of modern protein domain annotation techniques to the three domains of life. In addition, Dr Arli is also an expert on immunoinformatics, in silico drug design, and in silico transcriptomics.

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The approaches in drug design are mainly comprised of these three multidisciplinary sciences. First, Bioinformatics has successfully gather biological data in form of biomolecular sequences, in order to construct knowledge on drug and vaccine design. It is of considerable importance for drug designers to comprehend the utilization of bioinformatics tools for resolving their research questions. Second, Nanotechnology has made possible the design and delivery of the nano-based drug. Third, Pharmaceutical Chemistry made it possible to investigate the adsorption, distribution, metabolism, and toxicology of the drug candidates in a fine-grained resolution.

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