David Gaze

University of Westminster United Kingdom

Dr. David C. Gaze is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Pathology, Director of Employability, and Course Leader for the MSc Biomedical Science programme at the University of Westminster, London, UK. His academic research interests are in the development and clinical utility of cardiac biomarkers for the detection of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Gaze has authored and co-authored more than 150 peer-reviewed papers and 200 abstracts. He has contributed five book chapters to cardiovascular textbooks as well as authored a textbook on cardiac troponin. He is a peer reviewer for twenty-five medical journals and writes regularly for the scientific forum The Conversation. Dr. Gaze is the commissioning editor for review articles for the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine and is co-editor in chief of Practical Laboratory Medicine.

David Gaze

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and associated conditions. It is organized into three sections on “Cardiovascular Pathophysiology”, “Cardiovascular Diagnostics”, and “Cardiovascular Treatments”. Chapters address such topics as the role of obesity in CVD, cardiotoxicity, cardio-oncology, CVD in different disease states, modalities for detecting CVD, interventional strategies to prevent or treat CVD, and much more.

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