Spaska Stanilova

Trakia University Bulgaria

Dr Spaska Angelova Stanilova started her career in Medical Biology and received her PhD in Immunology at Higher Medical Institute in 1991. She is currently a full professor of Molecular Biology and Dcs in Immunology, and Head of Department of Molecular Biology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine, Trakia University. At the department, she leads the Molecular Immunology research unit at the crossroad of genetics and immune regulation. Their main research goals are to gain an insight into the molecular mechanisms of gene expression with an emphasis on implication of cytokine gene polymorphisms and intracellular signaling in immune mediated and cancer diseases. Dr Stanilova is a member of the European Federation of Immunological Society and has reviewed for several scientific journals.

Spaska Stanilova

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Autoimmune disorders are known to affect a substantial number of people worldwide, demonstrating a gender bias and are the second largest cause of chronic illness. Recently, the attention has been focused on lifestyle changes as a major factor in the rise of autoimmune disease frequency. The two sections of this book are focused on the new opportunities for moving research forward, leading to a new approach to prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases. A better understanding of the mechanisms of gene expression and triggering signaling pathways, which is involved in autoimmune pathogenesis simultaneously with current data for the interaction of microbiota with human immune system, will help to better understand the immune imbalance implicated in autoimmunity.

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