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Kazan National Research Technical University, n.a. A.N. Tupolev-KAI

Dr. Oleg G. Morozov leads research on microwave photonics, fiber optics sensors and its interrogtion as a radio engineer and a researcher. He was born in Kazan Tatarstan, Russia, on October 30, 1960. He became an Engineer in Radiotechnics, at the Aviation Institute, Kazan in 1983, and obtained his PhD degree in Tehnics at the Tupolev Aviation Institute, Kazan in 1987. Dr. Morozov became a Doctor of Technology at the Kazan National Research Technical University, Kazan in 2004. He was the head of Quantum Electronics and Laser Technology R&D Lab. from 1989 to 1993, and the head of the TV and Multimedia System Department, from 2005 to 2014. Currently he is the head of Radiophotonics and Microwave Tech. Department and of the R&D Institute of Applied Electrodynamics, Photonics and Live Systems.

Oleg Morozov

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Proposed 35 years ago, quantum cryptography (QC) and its most prominent part quantum key distribution (QKD) attracts more and more attention. Significant progress has been made in both its theory and practice from many points of view. The present book has four exclusive chapters. All chapters are focused on QC and QKD applications in advanced telecommunication networks: classical fiber optic lines with a constant increase in the range of quantum communication channels and duration of the connection; software-defined optical networks; free-space optical communication systems; and systems with elements of holographic processing. The book will be useful for researchers, engineers, and doctoral students working in areas of QC, QKD, and related areas of information security.

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