Gisela Montero

Autonomous University of Baja California Mexico

Chemical engineer graduated from National Autonomous University of Mexico, (UNAM), specialized in heat transfer engineering projects in Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP), Master in thermodynamic engineering by Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), obtaining the maximum honors. Doctorate in Chemical Sciences (chemical engineering) by UNAM. She has written several technical papers and chapters related to energy, biofuels and exergy analysis. She worked as a specialist in the Combustion Engineering Division in IMP; after she worked as a researcher in Exergy group in the same institute. She was coordinator of Geothermal energy program in UABC. Currently, working as full-time researcher in Engineering Institute of UABC on energy-saving projects, exergy analysis, simulation and adaptation of processes to obtain biofuels.

Gisela Montero

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This book entitled "Biodiesel: Quality, Emissions and By-products" covers topics related to biodiesel quality, performance of combustion engines that use biodiesel and the emissions they generate. New routes to determinate biodiesel properties are proposed and the process how the raw material source, impurities and production practices can affect the quality of the biodiesel is analyzed. In relation to the utilization of biofuel, the performance of combustion engines fuelled by biodiesel and biodiesels blends are evaluated. The applications of glycerol, a byproduct of the biodiesel production process as a feedstock for biotechnological processes, and a key compound of the biorefinery of the future is also emphasized.

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