Victor Perez

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering, in the specialty of Technology of the Chemical Productions, by University of Oriente/Cuba (1992); Master\'s degree in Agricultural Engineering, in the area of Pre-processing of Agricultural Products (1998) Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, in the area of Biotechnological Processes Development (2002), both, by the State University of Campinas and Post-Doctorate in Food Engineering by the State University of Campinas (2002-2004). In the period from 2005 to 2007 it acted as Visiting Researcher/Professor in the Engineering School of Lorena (EEL) from University of São Paulo (USP) as part of Program PRODOC/CAPES to the support Post-graduation program is this university. Now, is Associate Professor of the State University of the North Fluminense “ Darcy Ribeiro” (UENF) and has experience in the Food and Chemical Engineering areas, with emphasis in Processes Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Unit Operations and in Biotechnological Processes, acting mainly in the following subjects: fermentation, biological effects of the electromagnetic field, biorreatores assisted by electromagnetic field and biocatalysis and its researches is focused in the biofuels production (ethanol and biodiesel) by nonconventional methods.

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