Matthew Reed

University of the West of England United Kingdom

Matt Reed’s research rests upon the intersections of political sociology, cultural studies and rural geography; he has authored and co-authored 14 peer reviewed papers, 12 research reports and 2 previous books on organic farming and food. His recent book, ”Rebels for the Soil”, argues that organic farming and food is best understood as a global social movement that has moved through several phases of activity, and is currently preparing for a new one. His current research involves empirical research into social impacts of organic and non-organic farm businesses. He has held research positions at the Universities of Plymouth, Exeter, and the Open University, working for clients such as the Economic and Social Research Council, and the Welcome Trust. He holds a BSocSci (Hons), an Msc and a PhD from the University of the West of England, where he is a Senior Research Fellow at the Countryside and Community Research Institute.

Matthew Reed

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The global phenomenon of organic food and farming, after three decades of progress, faces new challenges as markets mature and the impacts of the global recession start to change consumers and farmers' expectations. This global survey of the organic food and farming considers how the social sciences have come to understand in what way consumers make their choices as they shop, and how new national markets evolve. It also surveys how established organic sectors in North America and Europe are changing in response to the changes, that in part, the organic movement has created. Moving from a wide range of social science disciplines, methodologies and perspectives, this book represents an excellent starting place for new readers, and offers innovation to those already familiar with the literature.

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